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Welcome to anti slip floors London. We are a professional contracting company in the business of treating high risk floors and creating attractive, easy to maintain and long-lasting low risk floors. We are a very large part of the chain of action in the due diligence required by modern business owners and employers to satisfy all health and safety codes in relation to slippery floors. We offer our services and importantly the benefit of our years of experience to create a safe environment for work staff, for visitors and for the general public.

How We Work

The normal course of events roughly follows the ensuing pattern:

About Us

Our company is a small, but growing family business which services the London area with professionalism and courtesy. At anti-slip floors London, we pride ourselves on the work which we leave behind us and on the on going support which we offer our clients. Our client base is growing steadily and amongst our biggest sources of work are referrals from existing customers. This speaks volumes about our work standards and ethic and serves to assure future potential clients about their importance to us as clients. We hope you have seen enough in this short introduction to our company to visit our main website for a more in depth look at ourselves, our company and past work carried out.

Our Services

We provide a broad spectrum of other work which covers many issues relating to floors and surfaces which need cleaning, polishing, sealing, maintenance and restoration. Our fields of speciality concern marble, limestone, slate, granite, travertine, terracotta, terrazzo, porcelain, ceramic and vinyl. We offer services as diverse as deep clean and diamond grinding and diamond polishing and everything in between. We have been trained in Italy by the best in the world and hold certification to attest to this. We have vast experience on site, in homes and in businesses, gleaned over many years. We offer this together with a rare enthusiasm for the job which we do. We love the work which we do and it shows in our results. We know how your floor can potentially look and know how to get it there.

For the client we offer a very important service in free sampling of floors to enable the client to decide upon various finishes available and this, taken in conjunction with our best advice as to maintenance issues and longevity of each finish, allows the client to make an informed decision about which finish best suits their long term needs. Sometimes this involves deciding against the showroom mirror finish in favour of a more hard wearing honed and waxed finish. The options are many and varied and with each floor type in each particular environment we endeavour to put forward the best finish to suit.

We hope you give us an opportunity to impress and to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you all at ANTI-SLIP FLOORS LONDON

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